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fiveAxis Milling: The Next Level In Accessible, Versatile Digital Fabrication
The 5AXISMAKER is a desktop 5-axis multi-fabrication CNC machine that hopes to expand the possibilities of digital fabrication by generating it inexpensive and far more versatile. Should the project get backing on Kickstarter prior to the 27th October 2014, the&nbsp…
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fiveAxis Milling: Next Level In Versatile Digital Fabrication
This machine combines a range of fabrication strategies, such as 5axis CNC milling, which is deemed the most advanced and fastest fabrication technology. 5AXISMAKER is a machine that is versatile enough to fabricate sophisticated design and style prototypes in a&nbsp…

3D Printing and 5Axis Machining Combined in A single Machine
With the 20 or 30 micron layers necessary for great surface finishes in metal 3D parts, the physics of the method leaves no obtainable shortcut to develop instances that are slow, so slow they&#39re reminiscent of the pre-CNC era of machining. Unless there&#39s no …
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