Are AR-15 components compatible between producers?

Query by FlatEarf: Are AR-15 parts compatible in between companies?
I’m planing on building my a new AR-15 ground up, and i had a basic query.

Are the AR-15 components compatible between diverse producers?

For instance Can i acquire the Decrease receiver from Stag Arms, but then buy the Reduce Receiver Components kit from Bushmaster? And then maybe acquire the upper assembly else exactly where?

Is this advised?

BTW: I attempted to ask this on the forums, but i could not figure out how to register with them. they require a “non-anonymous” e-mail so i cant use gmail, yahoo, or hotmail. what precisely is a “non-anonymous” e mail?

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Answer by gunslinger1971
Quick answer.
Yes, regular AR15 parts are interchangeable. There must be no problem performing what you are wanting to do. I have done it a lot of occasions.

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