Are there any sewing machines still made in the U.S?

Question by Megan B: Are there any sewing machines still made in the U.S?
I am looking for a sewing machine to buy. This will be my first sewing machine. I always have used hand me downs. My mother had a Singer that worked forever but now I hear they got sold to some company in China. So I doubt it will be as good of quality.
Are there any sewing machines still made in the US? If not what is a good reliable brand? Where is it made? Thank you so much for all of your help.

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Answer by zekerkat
I love my Bernina. It’s the best I have ever owned. It’s Swiss made.

I have also had a Viking and loved it too. Made in Sweden.

Pfaff is also a great brand. It is German made.

I guess it depends on what you plan to sew. I made my decision with the Bernina because of the feet attachments. I love that they are sturdy and don’t wiggle and are not plastic. I was machine quilting with the Viking and broke 3 darning feet on it and it was getting costly. If you plan to do quilting, I would opt for the Bernina. More accurate seam allowances too. They are expensive to say the least, but you might get lucky and find a great one on Ebay. I would look for the 1130, 1230 or 1530 models. If you want a great basic one look for a 930. They are good because they are still metal and not plastic like the newer ones are. They are also computerized. I bought an 1130 on Ebay and couldn’t be happier. I also have a 1530 that I bought quite awhile ago and I love it. Haven’t had trouble with either one. I have mine serviced which is 60 miles away. Finding a good dealer will be half the battle.

Mostly check and see what you have in your area. If you find a Viking dealer or a Pfaff dealer, then go with one of them as where you will have it serviced will be more important for you.

A more affordable machine is the Janome. They are made in Japan. Lots of gals like them, but I wasn’t impressed with their throat space. I had one too, but I ended up selling it.

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