Can a 4th-axis CNC mill essentially do CNC lathe turning?

Question by Calen C: Can a 4th-axis CNC mill primarily do CNC lathe turning?
I am a newb to the globe of CNC machining so forgive my ignorance, but I want to know if a 4-axis CMC mill can essentially do the equivocal operations of a CNC lathe? What is confusing me is that the “4th-axis” is a rotary table head and tail stock that sits on the mill table, so does this imply then that you have the capability of turning operations with it? I imply aside from the fact that the tool bit of a lathe and the end mills of a vertical mill sit in different locations relative to the stock, isn’t the basic motion designed by the rotary table identical to that of a lathe thus generating turning operations at the least equivalent if not identical?

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Answer by Tom E
Makes sense to me–I’m not a CNC machinist, but that fourth axis sounds promising. I’ll check back and find out one thing!

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