CNC machine information?

Question by r.zane23: CNC machine details?
I am researching the CNC machine for Metal Shop in college, and we had to complete a worksheet for homework. I got most of the answers, but here are the ones I am stuck on:

– Are there diverse sorts of CNC machines? If so, what are they?
– What is a CNC machine utilized for and why is it critical in manufacturing?

If someone knows the answer, thanks!
If somebody just knows a site it could be found on, that would also be appreciated.

Greatest answer:

Answer by DinerKid
yeah there are different sorts of cnc there are cnc mills along with cnc lathes each just allow the user to design the component on a pc and have the cnc mill or lathe then make the element for them based on the laptop design.

they are used in industry to make precision parts along with parts that are need to have to be created thousands of times.

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