CNC Machines….. ?

Question by CNC Machines….. ?
Im looking for simple instructions or a Kit from which I can build a small home CNC Machine. Ive looked online and cant find any under 1500 euros for big businesses, but Im only looking for hobbies and self-interest. Anyone have a useful website? Thanks.

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Answer by sargosis
A CNC machine isn’t for just any hobbyist. nor are they “simple” devices. people who construct them generally come in teams and include people with Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer programming degrees. They’re extremely complex and finicky and i’ve watched a friend of mine lose his arm by having the computer mill through his flesh as if it wasn’t even there.

Unless you’re experienced in all of these fields and you’ve got some CNC experience under your belt, I wouldn’t recommend that you purchase one.

And no, you probably won’t find one for much cheaper, because they’re meant for large industrial production needs, not the everyday hobbyist (because they’re so dangerous/complex/etc.)

If you’re still sure you need one, then I wish the best of luck to you in locating one.

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