Cool Cnc Machining Prototype images

Check out these cnc machining prototype images:

BrickArms Lever-Action Rifle Prototype Mold
cnc machining prototype
Image by enigmabadger
The one and only half of the BrickArms Lever-Action Rifle prototype mold! Will cut this mold half using his new CNC machine, and after testing the cavities with putty, it was clear the design was oversized; he therefore didn’t bother to cut the second half.

Still, it’s a great example of just how crisp and clean Will’s new CNC machine can cut! Plus, with the knowledge of what didn’t work with this version, Will can always revisit the design for an updated version that’s better scaled to the fig.

More than a few BrickArms prototypes have gone through a similar process, but this is the first Will’s publicly unveiled!