Cool Cnc Plastic Machining images

A few nice cnc plastic machining China images I found:

Boring Bar Preset – 1982

Image by OldOnliner
Self-portrait sitting at the granite block tool setting table in Preset at Beloit Corp in 1981 or 82. Looking over the prints and paperwork associated with setting up a job for the horizontal CNC machining China machining China centers. (CNCs were located outside my "cage" and behind me in this photo.)

At the time this photo was taken, presetting was a new job title for me. The Sony digital height gage to the left was a piece of new technology equipment then.

Timed release exposure, taken with my old Rollei miniature 35mm and available light. Scanned from a 5 x 7 print I made for my wife. The camera was sitting on the wooden box we used to hold the preset tooling. (In later years the boxes were metal with plastic tool "pots.") Cameras in the shop were always a big "no-no" due to proprietary tooling, tooling setups and methods.

1/4″ 0-flute endmill

Image by phidauex
Specialty bit for cutting plastics