Cool Cnc Wire Cut pictures

Some cool cnc wire reduce images:

Hacked CNC Power Supply
cnc wire cut
Image by vrogy
Basically, a common ATX-type energy provide, with most of the crap cut off, and the energy=excellent line soldered to ground.
That lets it run with out being attached to a motherboard, and be employed for lots of other stuff.

I googled information on how to go about performing this, right here are the instructions.

TinyG Bot Mini CNC Mill
cnc wire cut
Image by rileyporter
Inspired by the &quotMantis guys&quot I started this little cnc that is complete laser reduce-capable. As always TinyG will drive the stepper motors and consume the gcode 🙂

The bot axis supports &quotface plates&quot Meaning, I have faces for NEMA 17 and NEMA 23’s. So you might pick your poison 🙂

Supplies are 1/two plywood (fine grain) and 1/four masonite (hardboard)

Note: This is an weekend style and create session. I did not get as far as I hoped. Will attach captive nuts / motors most probably this week.


cnc wire cut
Image by raul_aguaviva
Whose setup, please see on teh picture to see the picture’s notes.