Cool Custom Machining Services pictures

Some cool custom machining solutions pictures:

Automated Postal Center and new Priority Mail box show
custom machining services
Image by Aranami
The automated postal center is a custom-produced platform by Wincor-Nixdorf based on 1 of their indoor ATM styles (a version of which can frequently be observed as a Chase ATM inside specific Target shops). It has an on-line web-primarily based connection that, according to the guy servicing it, interacts with postal systems in Washington D.C. by means of a safe connection.

The scale on the left was custom produced just for the Post Workplace. It can support up to 200lbs, is precise to a fraction of an ounce and is legal for trade. The scale is the big metal square on the left, there are also ruler markings embossed onto the metal edging on the platform.

There are three thermal label printers on the bottom. The leftmost slot dispenses package labels, these are the frequent four&quotx6&quot vertical labels you see with the address and confirmation barcodes. The one particular labeled &quotforms&quot in the middle dispenses a combined Return Receipt and Certified Mail labels the very same label prints if you buy any of these solutions, and it has directions on how to tear off and apply only the one’s you’ve paid for. Both of these print from rolls.

The &quotpostage&quot slot underneath the screen dispenses 18-stamp &quotATM stamp&quot panes of Forever Stamps. It can also dispense other denominations of stamps as IBI-stamps on tiny slips of sticker paper that are about 1.five&quot by 3&quot. The IBI (Info Primarily based Indicia) stamps have an DataMatrix barcode equivalent to the ones observed on the 4&quotx6&quot labels and on postage meters, nevertheless, these stamps can be used at any time.

Like Pc postage stamps, APC stamps determine packages from a &quotknown mailer&quot and might be utilised to mail items over 13 ounces with no taking the package to a retail counter. This is due to the fact the APC requires your photo and only accepts credit/debit cards.

The camera is the black square under the screen in the center of the APC, and captures a nevertheless image when you reach the payment alternatives screen. These pictures are retained for an unknown quantity of time (the postal employee stated he didn’t know how extended) to deter fraud and prohibited supplies. The APC also has application that measures the image and will not let you proceed to the payment screen if the image is also dark or the camera is not functional. So if you want to anonymously mail a bunch of fireworks and illegal drugs with your boss’s credit card, you’re out of luck.

Available solutions incorporate:
Sending Domestic mail at most retail prices, like Package Services, Initial Class, Priority and Express, as lengthy as it fits in the specific chute at the correct
Sending International mail for envelopes containing documents and correspondence only
Delivery Confirmation, Insured Mail, Certified Mail, Return receipt (electronic and physical)
Calculating prices for any package you are allowed to send with the APC
Sending packages with partial postage currently on it (minimum buy .00)
Buying sheets of 18 Forever stamps
Purchasing variable-denominated IBI postage stamps (minimum total .00)
Renew PO Box

Postal solutions that the APC does NOT supply:
Signature Confirmation (why?) – you may obtain a similar Return Receipt Electronic service only with Certified Mail or Insurance More than
International packages
Registered Mail
PO Box Application (accessible on the web, present ID to pick up keys)
Funds Orders, DineroSeguro or any other economic solutions
Any packages that do not match completed in the chute

Note: APC does not take money. There is a minimum purchase for credit card transactions.

Belt-drive conversion, total
custom machining services
Image by steveluscher
The final step, was to componentize the bike, ride it to vet the create, then to strip the frame down entirely for painting.

I sent the frame to the venerable Toxik Harald in Richmond, BC. Harald was Brodie‘s in-home paint guru in the 90s, and now runs his own shop where he does custom paint jobs. He uses single-stage aircraft paints (colour and finish in 1), and a custom low-stress, high-volume gun.

Harald’s standard service contains frame stripping, rust removal, and minor frame filling. I asked him to shoot my frame in gloss black. The joint exactly where the frame coupler meets the frame totally disappeared.

And that’s the finish of the project! I’ve been riding this bike for a handful of months now. It really is light, it really is smooth, it really is clean, and it is quiet.