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FUJIFILM 20 (Amsterdam 02:15PM)

Image by eastendimages
it was quite cold. i was tired following all night journey from london by means of france to eindhoven (by the coach). i took a train from eindhoven to amsterdam amstel in the middle on the night and following some local connection to the centre of amsterdam (with a wrong ticket, but the ticket collector geezer was really polite and relaxed, even though i didn’t punch my ticked which i purchased in some sort of self-service vending machine, but i cannot speak any dutch apart from few words which reminds me of german words i forgot lengthy time ago anyway). i found some spot to crash just opposite the holliday inn close to the station, but close adequate to the red light district and fall asleep. next morning i was on my hunt for the continental breakfast and packet of gitanes. i did not have any camera on me apart from some kinda crap i purchased on a ferry for my step daughter. it was fuji nexia APS. i purchased that camera only since it was purple and she liked purple a lot…