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Grinding Gears

Image by jbdenham
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Canon EOS Rebel XSi, EF-S 18-55mm f3.five-5.six IS, f16, ISO400, 29mm, HDR, 5 Exposures

We generally relate grinding gears to the operation of an auto with a manual transmission exactly where a person struggles to locate the next gear when shifting and &quotgrinds them ’til they discover them!&quot Today’s image reflects an operation exactly where grinding gears is intentional and really precise!

My meeting this morning was with one particular of the owners of Rubber City Machinery Corp. in akron, OH. Rubber City’s primary company is re-manufacturing old rubber processing gear and/or developing new gear from scratch. My employer is looking to acquire a 6&quot x 13&quot two-roll mill from Rubber City and my job was to check out what item we required and outlining the information with the RCM people.

Even even though not as old as their storage facility, RCM’s factory is an older factory positioned right in town, but more interesting than the old constructing is the old equipment they have on hand the cool machining gear they use to manufacture their merchandise. EVEN cooler is the truth that the co-owner of the company told me to have at it with my D-SLR and take what ever photos I wanted to take. Brilliant!

Soon after seeing many HDR pictures from inside factories, most much more dimly lit than this one particular, I couldn’t assist but be excited to grab the tripod and do precisely what he stated to do!

This specific machine is sharpening up the teeth of a mill rotor that had been wore out in its earlier life. The blue tube in the middle of the frame is pouring water onto the surface where the cutting is taking location at a extremely higher speed. If you look at the left end of the cutting machine, you can see the blurred circle of the cutting manifold – it really is a two prong finish that only appears solid due to the speed it was turning and the extended shutter speed! The whole carriage actually glides along the length of the rotor teeth – I did not know this till it ghosted in processing!

I loved the spinning motion of the machine, but the textures of the machine and the rough shavings of the metal also appear pretty cool! I actually appreciate the guys at RCM letting me discover their plant – it was a neat expertise!

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