Cool Precision Cutting pictures

Some cool precision cutting pictures:

Precision cut
precision cutting
Image by CSUF Images
Eric Kim cuts a bar for the catapult for the upcoming pumpkin launch.

Precision cut Project 365(three) Day 253
precision cutting
Image by Keith Williamson
A close inspection of the new fencing reveals the shape of the holes in the steel sheeting. They are of course laser cut by a machine controlled by a laptop programme.Just envision attempting to create some thing like this with no modern technologies – nightmare!

Canon 5D Mk II with a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens.

“Precision Reduce”
precision cutting
Image by Bush 41 Library
&quotPrecision Reduce&quot
by Olga Belyanina
1st Spot
11th Grade
Property School
Alexey Belyanin