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I am virtually tech-illiterate, I want to construct a computer for gaming but I have no clue whats deemed “good” graphics, cpu, and other personal computer elements.

Can somebody please inform me what to look for in components? Like what are considered very good stats for a graphics card if I wanted to run a game like Crysis or SC2 (on ultra). (please list the hardwears

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Answer by David R
Those are the method specifications for Crisis.
You want to go above and beyond the Advised Program Requirements.
What to look for a excellent graphics card,a 1 GB GDDR5 card like this one particular will work.
But if you want a list of great parts for different expenses check out

The Intel Enthusiast Method need to function great and the Intel Gamer Technique is great if the Intel Enthusiast Program is also

But if you have no knowledge with computers I Very advocate possessing a person with experience do it or else you may possibly ruin your components.

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