excellent sewing machine for diy projects?

Question by 🙂: great sewing machine for diy projects?
im wanting a new sewing machine due to the fact my old one broke (a brother model) and i have no clue what to get. when i had a machine i created cothes for the most element, and issues you can wear. (think threadbanger-ish) im on a spending budget although and would also like a serger. suggestions would be fantastic ! i reside in the cincinnati ohio region so if theres any shops you know of down right here exactly where i could get a used one less costly that would be great as well. id be prepared to drive about a half hour out

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Answer by kay

What I want for newbies in sewing:

– a machine that doesn’t scare you
– a machine that is not balky (low cost new machines are often really
balky or need to have adjustments often and are hardly ever repairable —
just also frustrating to discover on!)
– extremely good straight stitch
– excellent zigzag (four-five mm is fine, a lot more than that is gravy)
– a technique of making buttonholes that makes sense to you
– adjustable presser foot pressure (which helps some fabric
handling troubles)
– accessory presser feet that never price an arm and a leg
(machines that use a “short shank foot” generally manage
generic presser feet quite nicely. Some brands of machines use
proprietary or very high-priced presser feet)

If the price range stretches far sufficient:

– blindhem and stretch blindhem stitches
– triple zigzag (good for elastic applications)
– a couple of decorative stitches (you won’t use them practically as
a lot as you consider)
– electronic machine due to the fact of the needle position manage and
since the stepper motors give you full “punching force” at
slow sewing speeds — mechanical machines typically will stall at
slow speeds.

Please go to the greatest sewing machine dealers around and ask them
to show you some machines in your cost variety, *particularly* used
machines you can afford. You’ll get a far much better machine purchasing
utilized than new, and a excellent dealer is worth their weight in sewing
machine needles when you get a machine dilemma — often they can
talk you through the problem over the telephone. Although you are attempting
factors out, attempt a couple of machines (sewing only, not combo
sewing-embroidery) over your value limit, just so you can see
what the distinction in stitch top quality and ease of use may well be.
You may possibly locate you want to go for the used Cadillac. Or you might
want the new basic Chevy. May possibly as effectively try each out.

Suggested reading: John Giordano’s The Sewing Machine Book
(specifically for used machines), Carol Ahles’ Fine Machine Sewing
(particularly the first and final couple of chapters) and Gale Grigg
Hazen’s Owner’s Guide to Sewing Machines, Sergers and Knitting
Machines. All of these are probably to be offered at your public

Utilised brands I’d specifically look for: Elna, Bernina,
Viking/Husqvarna, Pfaff, Singer (pre 1970), Juki, Toyota

New “bargain brand” I’d probably pick, if new, decent and price range
was my decision: Janome (who also does Kenmore).

My private machines? A Viking 350 (midline electronic, about 12 years old now, similar to the upper Emerald or reduce Sapphire) and a Singer 15 ($ ten at a yardsale), plus Juki 5 MO655 serger and Bernina coverstitcher.


The big hurdle with sergers is the psychological a single of finding out to thread — but if you can thread a sewing machine, you can thread a serger. FWIW, I believe Juki sergers have the sweet spot for worth, sturdiness, and very good stitching, but they’re not the easiest to discover. For bargain sergers, the Brother 1034D is a well-liked one, but feels “tinny” to me.

May want to hop more than to the yahoo group “sergers” and assessment some of the recent posts… we’ve had a bunch of newbies in seeking for machines.

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