Good Cnc Machined Components photos

A handful of nice cnc machined elements pictures I discovered:

Couple of CNC machines @ Paul
cnc machined components
Image by babageik

cnc machined components
Image by USDAgov
Port City Group’s Port City Castings Corporation manufactures higher-stress aluminum die-castings, mostly for the automotive market, in Muskegon, MI, facility on Wednesday July 20, 2011. Port City Group boosted its employment by 12 percent over last year thanks to two Rural Business Assured Loans totaling .6 million. In its 80,000 sq. ft. facility, machines that range from 800 – 1,600 tons, and cast A380 aluminum alloy items from melted ingots of aluminum, into automotive elements of U.S.A. made vehicles. The process characteristics a selection of robotic presses pc controlled machining quality control facility and comprehensive measurement and testing laboratory. In 2009 banks had been backing out of loans for PCG gear purchase agreements. The U.S. Division of Agriculture (USDA) loan guarantee helped make the loan achievable with its assure. PCG obtained the necessary robotic and other gear. This resulted in a stable workforce that has given that grown. When asked about their USDA experience, Port City Group Sales Manager Laura LaGuire (lime-green shirt) mentioned, “It was great! They were extremely valuable. Everything that came up was handled smoothly, the funds came in spot when it was needed, and it was a extremely smooth transition.” USDA multimedia by Lance Cheung.