How did this guy construct the Tomahawk?

Query by Sonic: How did this guy construct the Tomahawk?
This one is a 249cc replica which I consider is quite great for riding on the street.How did he get hold of the parts though(except the Engine)?
And exactly where did he get the BluePrint?
Can the exteriors and other parts be produced using a CNC Machine?
Ok.So that guy contracted the Chinese.
But is there any other firms who take such contracts outdoors China?
And my last question was “Can the exteriors and other components be made utilizing a CNC Machine?”.
what about it?

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Answer by JetDoc
He did not “get hold” of the parts. He developed them and had them produced in China. If you comply with the lead story further, you will see that the shop he contracted with in China to make his components ripped him off and has started to copy his design and style without his permission.

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