How to Make a CNC milling machine?

Question by : How to Make a CNC milling machine?
Just asking yourself if this is a excellent location for cnc data, on creating a cnc mill or lathe.

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Answer by tom92117
CNC=Pc Numerical Contol.
You will need a personal computer which you clearly have.

The difficult portion is commecting the portion of the circuitry to the mechanical operations of the hardware which are in fact creating the cuts, I don’t have a cluehow to do this, but I respect your trying to do this. If you can do this please make a Youtube video of it.

After I POSTED>>>EDIT: Did you see the quantity of cutter alterations? What do you know about end mills? About end mill geometries? What about holders? Presetting? Feeds and speeds? Read up on this stuff and then you may be prepared to make your personal CNC Machine.

Find out about metals also. 6061-T6 cuts harder than 6061- for a purpose. Understand what the purpose is. What about aluminum in the T-87 condition? These are just some inquiries to ponder even though considering constructing your own CNC machine.

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