Lastest Edm Wire Cutting News

David Kimble&#39s X-Ray Vision
03] CalCo Cutaways tends to make cutaways utilizing a combination of saw-cutting, milling, water jet, circular handsaw, and wire EDM to get the right impact. 02] Chrysler stated it may possibly have more than a dozen people involved in 1 cutaway engine, from the guy …
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IMTS 2014 Conference: Re-evaluating the EDM Approach
Fatigue resistance tests comparing the EDM procedure with the milling method. Alternative wire electrode materials (coated, pure steel) displaying improvements in cutting speed and elimination of Zn and Cu contamination. Potential to manage the thickness of …
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A Soldering Conundrum
They had to investigation this, but called back later to say that, yes, they not too long ago bought a new wire EDM machine and had cut the slots in the new lot with it, rather than making use of a slitting saw, the old method. They had been in a position to decrease cost and …
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