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The Sewing Machine Whisperer
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Image by mynameisharsha
My dad managed to locate this old man to get our sewing machine repaired/serviced as it was not operating as intended.

The man you see in the picture is 85 years old, and he was a college teacher for the far better component of it. Make no error, he knows every little thing there is to know about sewing machines. He patiently disassembled the entire sewing machine into its fundamental elements, cleaned each and every and each 1 of them, all the even though explaining to my dad their functions and roles, and assembled the complete sewing machine again. All this took about 4 hours.

I can only hope to be as intelligent and as active as he is when I am 85 years old.

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Therefore, it was no surprise to company president Larry Waltz when his machine operator complained no a single in the shop believed that a new Sunnen SV-1015 honing program turned in this efficiency on its 1st run of production components. Mr Waltz knows it&#39s hard …
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