MakerBot Founders and Final Prototypes

Some cool cnc production machining photos:

MakerBot Founders and Final Prototypes
cnc production machining
Image by makerbot
First of all, if you want to find out a lot more about our robot, go verify out It really is a robot that you can make oneself to make something you can envision, from toys to gears to… nicely, anything!

We finished our final prototype final night at around 3AM and took this picture. We’ve been operating around the clock acquiring this robot up and running.

We got our 1st prototype up and running about a month ago and we’ve spent the last month making improvements to get it to the point where it is now where it really is genuinely operating amazing and all the notches and holes are in the greatest areas.

It feels really great to be at a location where we’ve got our prototype completed and now and I suppose I’m going to have to quit calling it a prototype now that it really is the official production machine.

In addition to final tweaks we’ve been spending a lot of time ordering items. There are a ton of components that have to be ordered from all over and we bring them together. This has been a wonderful encounter for me given that I usually am generating a single-off projects and getting to perform within the boundaries of making use of materials that we can supply 1000’s of is a really intriguing limitation for a maker like me. I thrive on constraints, so it really is been fun to have the constraint that I can only use parts that I can make sure thousands of folks can access!

We’re in documentation and preproduction mode now and I’m going to be running the lasercutter a lot to get all the pre-orders filled and shipped in 10 days. Stay tuned!

-Bre Pettis

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cnc production machining
Image by nicolas.boullosa