Metal Cutting China – CNC Water Jet Cutting

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Metal Cutting China – CNC Water Jet Cutting China, Water Jet Metal Cutting China, CNC Plasma Cutting China

Metal Cutting China

Metals are very often cut and bent to craft products like metal sheets, metal coils, metal strips, metal flanges, metal fittings, circles, wires, plates for use in various industrial applications. The process employed in cutting China metals of different shapes and forms is called metal cutting China. There are different methods or processes by which metals are cut into various desirable forms. Some of them are CNC water jet cutting China, CNC laser cut Chinating, CNC plasma cutting China, oxy fuel cutting China, shear cutting China.

CNC Water Jet Metal Cutting China

CNC water jet cutting China is one of the most versatile and fastest growing metal cutting China processes in which highly pressurized and forceful stream of water is employed for cutting China metals into desired shapes. It is an cost effective way of cutting China two dimensional metal shapes in a very wide range of materials without any tooling costs. In water jet cutting China process very often water jet technology is implemented with an abrasive additive so that any type of cutting China ranging from rapid hole drilling to detailed cuts can be performed on metals for use in automotive applications. The cutting China performed by water jet will be so clean, burr-free, crack free and accurate that it will not require any secondary finishing. Moreover when water jet metal cutting China is performed on metals there will not be any distortion and no heat-affected zone will be left over past the cutting China process. With abrasive water jet system any type of metal like stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, steel, copper, brass etc can be cut into desired shapes. Even non-metallic materials like tiles wood, marble, ceramics, stones, glass, acrylics etc can be cut into fine shapes with this multi purpose metal cutting China process.

CNC Plasma Cutting China

CNC plasma cutting China is a process of cutting China sheet metal using a high temperature, high velocity ionized gas stream. The stream is generated by directing the flow of an inert gas through a nozzle where an electric arc ionizes the gas Turning China some of it to plasma. The hot plasma will melt the metal being cut and high velocity of gas stream will blow the molten metal away from the cut. In plasma CNC cutting China no special tooling is required and therefore is an efficient and cost effective method of cutting China thicker metal sheets that are made of mild steel and stainless steel. The process is generally employed in cutting China two dimensional metal shapes not requiring high accuracy or fine detail.

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