Metal manufacturing processes?

Question by English Angel: Metal manufacturing processes?
I need to uncover some household products that have been:
– Sand cast
– Die cast
– Press formed
– Forged
– Machined – milled or turned
– Fabrication – welded or brazed

I want a list of as many as you can think of if at all achievable 🙂
Thanks in advance

Very best answer:

Answer by clamdirt4
I’m a precision sheet metal mechanic…must be in a position to assist with that..
My dad was a sand cast mold maker in the 30’s and 40’s..
Sand cast../..candle stick holders..electric motor casing..perhaps some plumbing components..
Die cast../..just about almost everything..
Die cast has distinct Step Die..just..a can opener..stainless steel utensils..
Press Formed../ far more about cabinets..also called the SKIN..microwave oven(outer cover)..
Forged../..possibly your stove(burner-grates)..
Machined../..screws..cuboard door handles(attaching hardware)..mounting bolts for refridgerator faucet(threaded ends)..
Fabrication../..stove prime..ornamental moulding..dishwasher parts..

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