My sewing machine wont turn on — Help please?

Question by Solus Ipsi ❃❅❋❄: My sewing machine wont turn on — Aid please?
I have a Brother lx 3125, have had it for 6months and its been ideal.

But just now, I turned it on — sewed 10 minutes — then the light blinked on/off twice, and the energy went out. I cant turn it on now.

Please aid me fix it! What could be incorrect?

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Answer by justwondering
Commence checking something electrical one particular at a time. Is the outlet in the wall working (plug a light into it to check or move the machine to another outlet). With the machine unplugged – Next verify the cord from the outlet to the machine – that will get tricky – if you pull the plug from the wall by grabbing the cord and yanking you may have broken wires that are concealed by the black casing on the cord or finish cap. You could reduce the cord and replace the end cap with one particular purchased at a house improvement shop. The other finish of the cord could be loose – if the cord is hardwired to the machine you could check that connection by checking inside the machine (perhaps) without dismantling the whole factor. If this is a new machine, it ought to be below warranty so take it in for repair. If you bought it used, then begin checking repair service in your region.

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