Nice Composite Machining China photos

A few nice composite machining China images I found:

Fireworks Composite

Image by jeff_golden
Fireworks Composite
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A composite of several exposures from the fireworks show tonight in my town.

(I hope no one in the PAD group minds I am sending this in today, not as a second photo of the day just adding it to the pool because I like it a bit better than my first one. In any case hope everyone in the US had a great 4th. Thanks for looking)

7/6/2009 — after looking at this on my son’s monitor I realized that my monitor was crunching blacks and that there were visible boxes where my layers intersected on the image…. I gotta get a new monitor for my photography processing machine…. I replaced the image with one that minimized that effect, still a bit I can see junk in the shadow detail on his I don’t like but it’s better than it was.

Self portrait – Ticking away

Image by MattysFlicks
This is a composite image / photo illustration. It took about 5 hours to create. I don’t want to turn back time, but I really wish I had a time machine so I could go back and set up this scene a little better.

To create the photo I took 4 exposures of the scene with the clock, glass of water and lamp in order to get the look, color and reflections that I wanted for each part of the scene. I set the clock to roughly 8 and shot the clock on a slight angle. I made a mental note of the angles used in the scene. Everything was set up underneath a window that the sun was shining into. I used a manilla file folder to reflect the sunlight back on to scene and get the lighting and reflections how I wanted them to look. I shot the scene with my Pentax k-30 with an SMC Pentax A 50mm 1.7 attached with the aperture set to f2 to achieve a sharp photo with a shallow depth of field.

For the second part I set up a 6ft step ladder and ran a pair of handrails duct taped together from the ladder to my workbench and I made sure that angles I was setting up at were roughly the same as in the scene I had shot previously. I shot the second photo on a 12 second timer using my pentax k-30 with a SMC Pentax 35mm 3.5 lens attached, I set the aperture to f8 or f11, so that I would not have a shallow depth of field. To light the second shot I placed 2 soft boxes side by side with a Yongnuo yn-460ii and a yn-560ii inside them, basicly forming a 4×3 foot soft box to mimic the lighting reflected by the manilla file folder in the previous scene. I placed the side by side soft boxes to the front left of the camera directed them slightly downwards at the subject. Then I setup a white shoot through umbrella to the front right of the camera about 3ft off the floor with a Minolta 4000 AF behind it to mimic the ambient light in the first scene. I triggered the strobes with a PT-04 trigger and receivers.

I took my photos into photoshop and did some fancy/trendy editing/processing.

CD collection

Image by Daveybot
It’s a composite image (made of two original photos – I couldn’t get far enough away for one!) of a whole bunch of my CDs. I didn’t include singles, compilations, or – ahem – copied CDs, or even MP3s! (Seriously – the liner notes on the MP3s are useless…) Also I didn’t include some of the albums because I wanted them all to fit in an even grid, as you can see!

…A funky prize to anyone who can spot them all… (and yes, there ARE a few I’m slightly ashamed of in there!)

Also, how about doing this with your collections? I’d love to see em.