Nice Prototype Engineering China photos

Some cool prototype engineering China images:

eLiving Campus Paper prototype

Image by Samuel Mann

Top secret Paul™ prototype medium reach centerpull

Image by Gino
I took this on it’s maiden voyage today up Mt. Shasta, to almost 8,000
feet above the sea, then enjoyed a 14 mile twisty descent averaging 37mph. There was plenty of high-speed hairpinning to test a prototype brake…

My opinions: this brake is more powerful than the Racer (due to the shorter arms?), with at least the same smooth modulation, maybe better. There’s never a point where you can’t keep applying more power.

It eats a 40mm Honjo fender, no problem. 35mm cyclocross tires fit too, but not with what I’d call mud clearance. I imagine the sweet spot on this brake will be a 25-32mm tire with fenders.

There are still some design elements to tweak, but it’s gettin’ close. And nope, I’ve not a clue when they’ll drop.

Blood Wolves

Image by Âtin
Well, it’s finished. One month, 28 minifigures and five pieces of equipment later and I’m finally done. I just wanna give a huge thanks to everyone for stopping by and putting up with my figures day after day, you guys are awesome :3

And so one last time, a list of all the different classes and such:
Blood Wolves:

[Basic Squad]


[Communications Officer]

[ "Major" Payne ]

[ Hercules ]

[Spec Ops]




[Advanced Units]




[Thermo Trooper]

[Aqua Trooper]


[ Infiltration Expert ]

[ General ]


[Range Expert]


[ "Mayhem" ]

[ "Ka-Boom" ]


[Spyder Tank]

[Wolverine APC]

[Blood Ray]