Q&A: Business Help: Where do auto part stores get their parts from?

Question by : Business Help: Where do auto part stores get their parts from?
I am guessing they get it from a manufactorer or from a warehouse that gets it from a manufactorer/part rebuilder or something like that. But i really have no idea. I ask this question because I have always wondered, How come the public does’t get it from the same place as they do at the same price as they do. Do you need to have a store in order to get these prices or a business id/tax id? Explain to me how it works if you can please. Is it possible to get the same parts that the stores get for cheap from the same place they get it from, and then turn around and sell them, just like they do, ONLY without having a store. I mean I can sell those things easily from my own house. The only main problem is having access to cheap prices on batteries and cylinders etc. Please help, thank you.

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Answer by kckid2
Auto parts stores buy from manufactures. manufactures are wholesalers, auto stores are retailers. Retailers buy in bulk generally, stock their shelves and sell one at a time.

If you can buy in bulk, in volume, you might get to buy wholesale. But wholesalers are not interested in selling one here and one there. And they want a retailer who will have a store and promote their product.

So if your interest is buying single items at wholesale, you’re probably out of luck. If you have 500k around and can open a store and stock it with inventory, that may work for you.

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