Q&A: CNC Mill -> 3D Printer?

Query by Simon: CNC Mill -> 3D Printer?
Could you take a modest mill, CNC it, then place a 3D printer extruder (like a reprap’s?) in the chuck of the mill? So basically the final item would be a CNC mill that could have a 3D printer’s extruder in the chuck/collet with the plastic stock fed by way of the prime. My goal is to kill two birds with 1 stone, make a 3D printer and CNC a mill. Could somebody please hyperlink an extruder that would match in some thing like a 3/eight” collet? As for controlling it, would I want to use the electronics from something like a reprap, or use CAM software program? (I already have CAM)

FYI: Mill – Sherline 6100, metric, only would be CNCing 3 axis
I already have a mill precise to .0005″

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Answer by DAVID D
I consider you want finer positioning on a 3D printer than you have on a regular CNC machine. You wouldn’t have the accuracy of the positioning program and position feedback to do 3D printing. Plus, 3D printing is not some thing that is a normal CAM point, there are complex calculations of where droplets land based on the path/speed the machine is taking.

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