Q&A: How do we locate a client for a contract machining solutions for precision machined parts?

Question by Clean Cut Machining Inc.: How do we locate a client for a contract machining services for precision machined components?
We are a CNC machine shop and are in organization for three years now. We have automated CNC (computer numerically controlled) milling and turning machines also grinding. We have a couple of clients in different industries, such as: aerospace, defense, healthcare, industrial and movie production. We generally can make components that require intricate, complex or simple shapes which demand high dimensional precision and from several various components, such as: all metals (aluminum, iron, alloyed steels, exotic steels), brass and copper, plastics and higher temp alloys. All of our customers are satisfied with us but it really is just not enough operate to stay afloat. The orders are in modest quantities and not adequate. We are searching for an American primarily based firm that demands large volume of commercial components produced on contract basis. This way we can remain in enterprise. We have an excellent track record as far as good quality and delivery, and are quite competitive in the cost, but cheep prices does not reflect on the high quality of the parts we make. The dilemma is that we don”t know where to start, how to uncover the businesses or how to strategy them. It seems like everyone in our city (Burbank, CA) have their huge businesses with massive orders and quantity parts, but we do not know how they got there. Most of them don’t advertise in papers or anyplace else, but somehow have located and established fantastic relationships. We had been a member on MFG.com (approx. $ 450/month) for a even though and paying too much to meet customers, but most of that was bogus and untrue anyway, so we quit. So not to make this as well complex and confusing, my query is: how to identify and or discover the companies (commercial market, from bikes to kitchen to telescopes and everything else), and how to strategy them, how to have that first possibility to prove our wonderful solutions. It nearly seems like it really is a big secret that no a single (other shops like us ) wants to share and aid us as a little enterprise to find contracts for machining. (we have significantly less than ten personnel and we are females owned) Please help us, this is our last resort and if nothing comes by means of America will loose a reputable and strong manufacturer of top quality, precision machined components and components. Thank you, and God bless nonetheless that gives us a helping hand, and most of all GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Albert F.
Clean Reduce Machining Inc.

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Answer by Phani
Hi Albert,

Think in the power of simplicity coupled with technique
Try to develop a web page for your firm on social networking web sites , By that you can access a massive network of people.
Also try to offer options through forums,Harness the power of the web.
Use your tactical skills to locate out who are the customers of your competitors,and also discover out what your competitors are supplying them.Leverage on your talent sets and employee competency to develop successful options which are much more optimized compared to the solutions what your competitors are offering.
Attempt to get opportunities to conduct presentations at potential client internet sites and promise what you can deliver in a strategic way.
Your hallmarks are quality and delivery .Produce a internet page and post some citations or case studies which virtually demonstrate this concept,
Above all one tips which I can give you is “By no means give up” .

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