Q&A: i need a 4-5 axis cnc milling machine?

Question by martyn158: i need a 4-5 axis cnc milling machine?
i am trying to build a jet from scratch (without buying parts) and would love to get my hands on a relatively cheap machine, a small one would be sufficient but im not able to find the small sort of thing im looking for anywhere, does anyone have any idea where i might find one (inexpensive), it cant be a 3 axis as you cant mill a turbine that way. im in the uk

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Answer by Gary HI don’t think “cheap” and “4-5 axis cnc” belong together. If you want this thing to work, you will need reasonably tight tolerances (which does not = cheap) and you will need metals or ceramics with reasonable physical properties, particularly strength at elevated temperature (which does not = cheap and does not = easily machinable). You could search for machine shops which already have 4, 5, & 6 axis CNC machining capabilities (and skill and experience programing them) and ask them for a quote on one of your more complicated parts. You may find the response quite surprising. Good luck

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