Q&A: What are 4 axis and 5 axis laptop numerical control machines?

Query by Coolar: What are 4 axis and five axis laptop numerical handle machines?
What are 4 and five axis cnc machine?
What are the similarities and differences?

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Properly… your basic 3-axis mill has orthogonal linear X, Y, and Z dimensions of travel. Typically the function peice is mounted to an X-Y stage and the tool moves in the up/down (Z) dimension.

If you add a theta stage to X-Y stage, then you have a four-axis program.

If you then add a rotational (angle) to the tool, then you have a five-axis technique.

The benefit of the 4 and 5 axis systems more than the classic three-axis program is that you can produce a more complex component with out obtaining to take away the workpiece and change its position as significantly.

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