Q&A: Where would I go the get metal components made for some modest mixing machines?

Question by pickersmurf: Exactly where would I go the get metal components produced for some tiny mixing machines?
We have numerous types of tiny paint mixing machines which demand mixing blades that are about three inches extended. They are no longer manufactured so I have to figure out where to take the handful of varieties we have left and find somebody to make them. We also had some that had been plastic which I assume was nylon. It does not matter to us what it is produced of. My assumption is that it would have to molded. I appear in the Yellow pages for distinct plastic and metal firms but am unsure exactly which ones to call as most of them are generating casters and car parts. I am really pressed for time. Any support in pointing me in the right direction would be excellent.

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Answer by warren b
Generating mixing blades is not rocket science. My suggestion is to take whatever parts that you have to your nearby CNC machine shop and have them make the components for you. Nearly any machine shop with CNC machines need to be able to make these parts for you in whatever supplies you want. Also, if you take these components to one machine shop and they can’t make them for you, ask them who can. Most of the machine shops know each other individuals strengths and generally know what types of machines every single other has. Possessing drawings of what you want will aid as effectively.

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