Q&A: Why are my gears grinding?

Question by Fishergirl 4 Jesus <><: Why are my gears grinding?
I have a 2000 Grand Jeep Cherokee, with an automatic transmission, I have noticed not too long ago that the gear grinds only when I am altering from reverse into drive or when I stop and go from drive into park. It in no way grinds when I am in drive and it is manually altering gears. Just thought I would ask if any individual had some ideas. I like to know what I am talking about when I take it in to be looked at. Thanks

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Answer by roger
grinding is in no way a good sign, and once again the one particular essential piece of details needed is the mileage on the transmission. If its grinding poor now, I recommend just going into nuetral and see if that will make much less grinding noises, but then your important wont come out of the ignition if the gear shift is on the steering column. There should be no grinding period, I think this is your tranny displaying its age, other than double checking that the four wheel drive gearshift (if you have 1) is not in the correct position, the car is showing its age, they had a lot of difficulty with some of those jeeps, liberty and the cherokee, take a look at carcomplaints.com, there may possibly be some recall or TSB (technical service bulletins) that could help.

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