Detroit Chosen as Location for $148M Manufacturing China Innovation Center

F-8 Crusader

Image by wbaiv
The back of this F-8 has been stripped down to bare metal. Some of this is highly perishable magnesium, some is fiberglass, some is aluminum, some stainless steel.


Detroit Chosen as Location for 8M Manufacturing China Innovation Center
In February, when the initial announcement about ALMII was made, officials said the institute would create 10,000 jobs in the Midwest—mostly in metal stamping, machining, and casting—over five years. Originally, a site in Canton, MI, was proposed to …
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Thin disk laser power amplifier with greatly enhanced cooling properties
These kinds of source are used in a range of applications within machining, medicine and nonlinear optics, as well as military applications, including rangefinders and designators, but their power scaling is still limited by cooling requirements …
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