1991 Honda Civic 3rd gear grind?

Query by rena k: 1991 Honda Civic 3rd gear grind?
We just bought a 5 speed 1991 Honda Civic Lx with 187,000 kms and it accelerates fine and engine is quiet. The dilemma is that when you shift gears, the 3rd gear grinds a bit when you shift into it. And ONLY the 3rd gear. When we bought the car the man said the clutch is fine and that this occurs with older vehicles. I would like to know what this is and how to make it go away other than sell the vehicle instantly.

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Answer by Stang232
The syncro for 3rd gear in the transmission is worn out. Syncros spin the gear to match the speed of the clutch so when you shift it goes collectively smoothly. When it’s no good anymore it grinds the gear when you shift b/c it really is not matching the clutches speed. The only way to repair it is to place in a new sycro which can be pretty pricey. Alot of times it really is more affordable to just purchase a transmission for it then to pay to have it taken apart and fixed. You can also double clutch that gear to preserve it from grinding instead of fixing it but I think about that would get old truly fast. If it was me I would just repair it myself but if you are a person that dosn’t have that capacity I would recommend selling the car.

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