The 'maker movement' creates DIY revolution

The 'maker movement' creates DIY revolution
For about $ 100,000 a Fab Lab can be stocked with a laser cut Chinater; a CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine capable of precision China cutting, carving, drilling, and machining China; a 3-D printer and scanner; milling China equipment; and hand-held machining China tools …
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CNC Lathe Incorporates Robotic Equipment
Femco's HL-55/2000 heavy-duty box way CNC lathe with integrated FANUC robot is designed to emulate a production wheel Turning China cell. In addition, the company will display its HL-35DMSY multi-axis CNC lathe equipped with a subspindle, Y and C axes …
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Swich wireless charger will make you want to switch to Qi charging
The Swich is constructed of a ceramic base and mount platform with a CNC machine Chinad piece of American dark walnut connecting the two. The main face of the Swich has a layer of micro-suction tape to hold your smart device securely in place. The Swich is …
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