Iphone 64gb Prototype Found In China

Iphone 64gb Prototype Found In China
An iPhone 64GB prototype has surfaced in the grey market in Hong Kong. According to an article by Sara Yin, PCMagazine.com, the rumor was first announced on Chinese-language blog Unwire.hk and later confirmed by MIC Gadget. The 64GB model appears to be unlocked and running iOS 4.1. MIC Gadgets photos of the model found are much like the iPhone 4 model that Gizmodo found last spring in a bar. The model shows lots of XXs on its case. The model number states XXXXX, FCC ID number is BCG- XXXXXX, and printed capacity is XXGB.

iPhone 64GB Prototype Found in China

Macrumors reported that the model found in China was produced in early 2010. They had analyzed the serial number from MIC Gadgets photos and determined the phone was produced well before the launch of the iPhone 4 in June 2010. It is also running an older version the iOS.

Evidence suggests that Apple produced and then discarded the iPhone 64GB model. In June 2010, Apple came out with just 2 versions of the iPhone 4, with 16GB and 32GB capacities. Apple may still be planning to come out with the 64GB version, as it isnt unlike them to come out with a third generation after the first release. According to PCMagazine, the original iPhone debuted in 2007 with 4GB and 8GB of space, but in February 2008, Apple released another 16GB model. Then in July 2009 Apple launched the iPhone 3GS in 16GB and 32GB versions, but later added an 8GB model after recession-stricken consumers complained that the phones were priced too high. When the iPhone 4 was released last year, many criticized Apple for not releasing a version with higher storage capacity.

Perhaps Apple will include a 64GB version of the iPhone 5. With Verizon now selling the iPhone, Apple will need to make the iPhone 5 something extra special in order to get iPhone 4 users willing to upgrade. Just as the iPad 2 isnt all that much different than the iPad, Apple will need to put a lot of pizzazz into the iPad 3 to get people to upgrade.

Beware of buying a grey market iPhone. Obviously Apple wont be honoring any kind of warranty on these phones. With the battery life kind of lacking on the iPhone, you cant send it back to get a new battery installed by Apple. Of course one solution to the short battery life is to buy a cool gadget that actually has a backup battery in it. Theres a new Apple approved aftermarket iPhone 4 case with an external battery built in. It takes over when your internal battery gets low and gives you another 3 1/2 hours of talk time. You can buy this rechargeable battery case for iPhone4 at batteries4less.

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