What are some achievable automotive careers?

Query by Ryan: What are some possible automotive careers?
I am currently a junior in high college, 17 years old, and it really is about time I start hunting for possible careers in the future. I am really into cars and every thing about them, so I was wondering what some possible careers in the Automotive field would be, and if they would be good paying careers. I make typical grades appropriate now, practically nothing undesirable although, and I have been taking a lot of advertising classes, a few business classes, and an accounting class. I was wondering if any individual knew what automotive accounting would be like? Is math very needed? I am not excellent in math, and typically have C’s in math every year but I am not behind. Thanks a lot for the support

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Answer by kareninparis
The automotive industry is still alive and well, but CAUTION is the word! I operate for a Tier A single supplier – meaning we provide components and systems to the original equipment manufactures (the likes of Ford, GM or Toyota). There continues to be very good career possibilities for people who are not afraid of difficult operate and who get turned on by challenge and an ever altering environment. Finance and accounting careers are good and can be transferrable to other industries if you find you are not cut out for the industy.

Math is critical, but strong analytical expertise are totally necessary. Being a economic analyst can be really rewarding – either at a plant or in a much more corporate environment. Automotive accounting is no diverse than anywhere else. It really is all about debits and credits! But the analytical side of finance can be quite dynamic and enterprise driven…which might be what you are seeking for.

Also take into account careers in supply chain management – there is a shortage of good men and women in that location.

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