Q&A: I’m Producing a Custom Arcade Machine?

Q&A: I’m Producing a Custom Arcade Machine?

Query by Geek: I’m Creating a Custom Arcade Machine?
I’ve been hunting on-line and seen some genuinely good Tutorials on how to make a MAME or KAWAKS Arcade Machine + Cabinet. But what I’m seeking for is what do I do to make my personal Functioning Arcade Machine.

I will employing a Dell Dimension 4600 + ATI Radeon X1650 but it is my personal game. So I need to have the coin box with the coin mech to really talk to the personal computer how do I do that? I can not find any Tutorials on it.

I Have not Bought something to do with the cabinet however I have no Thought what I require to make it specialist so I can prop it up in a retailer 25cents for 1 life 50cents for three lives kinda factor.

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Answer by tc_an_american
If your saying you produced the game your self and own the rights one hundred% then you should be capable to wright script for the addition of a coin Mech. The coin Mech only registers coins, then connects two points to generate a loop, so you use a serial port i/o to send power out, coin mech registers, then sends energy back.

If you are making use of it in a shop, you could have a sign saying pay at counter. At the counter you can have a remote (auto alarms operate fairly properly) that the attendant can click for credits. In the cabinet the receiver will make a loop connection just like the coin mech. The advantage to this is that you could accept dollars or even adjust, and not have to give adjust all the time. No malfunctions from coin mech.

Verify your neighborhood lavs on taking income for amusement machines, many areas have laws for these machines that demand regulation. By taking the coin mech out and using a remote at the counter in numerous place removes the need for addition law for the retailer is accepting payment straight.

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