Athletes Must Know How To Learn To Move Return – China Water Drilling Equipment – Cnc Drilling

Athletes Must Know How To Learn To Move Return – China Water Drilling Equipment – Cnc Drilling

Athletes Must Know How To Learn To Move Return – China Water Drilling Equipment – Cnc Drilling
World Championships, Sudirman Cup, French Open, the three end to end phase of the contest on the Chinese, the first national sport, one for strength, showed a rising trend, are cause for concern. Not obvious to say, not more people know the details of some of humanities, has touched the nerve that we moved.

Xinhua News Agency reporters Zai Subei and De Yipian report revealed: one of the world’s top men’s doubles badminton court at the Danish veteran Eriksson than all-powerful, but also part-time supporting the family, his job is when loader, according to his own words is “to turn things transported on a truck, or unload the stuff.” If it is not competing abroad, Eriksson had to work 30 hours per week, but this does not affect him and partner in the international arena Hansen medal competition. According to his mother’s statement, the son of her big hands and feet extraordinary physical, be a sports genius.

Zhongguo Qingnian Bao reporter Germany badminton team article also mentioned: the German team participated in the Soviet Union Cup 7 of 11 people are still in the federal army. One member said: “Every morning training 5 days a week, I have practiced for 8 years badminton, but played in the club alone can not support themselves, I concentrate fully on the side edge military service.” The other team members also revealed: “Our team is only as Ciweipule such a level of players to come to China to participate in this international competition, not his own expense, the team only five such places, other people should themselves part of the cost of overseas competition, so we come to China trip is not easy, I cherish this opportunity. “

Remember when I reported a U.S. series that Eriksson’s piece in the news, deeply moved, “knows very well, comic inspiration came at once, the idea of a 1.90-meter-high, waist do with Badminton Racket , bending carry a large package of players, “loader.” In fact, should not be affected by moving one or two people, right? and reported on in the world championships there are similar cases of foreign players, they can play in China, need to to live frugally, need day laborers, so the same age in China Volunteer They moved.

Different national conditions. As we all know, our athletes are from small to large basic training funded by the state, enough to live comfortably, Border for Traveler, Denmark, Germany, and other players as the situation, for them, just interesting and far away Story . And, even if the market has been in place, the club to some of the projects, due to “convert” the degree is far from complete, perfect, so our players would not have had that kind of dilemma Eriksson. They need training and competition, others do not need to be considered, “there will be bread, and everything will be there” to distract the attention of at most they are retired do. Our participation in the French Open as players, not only do not have their own money, and some have even been sent abroad for a long time Train . These are the envy of so many foreign athletes.

However, we also remember the recent World Championships count on some heavyweight players credit for trouble-paid events? How many people despise the. There are the athletes, starting from the stick sports, training on all state-owned assets, do not say they do not spend a penny, but also enjoy a lot of money monthly salary and bonus. The most typical is Olympics Meeting took license plates, and some players, the National Award for the provincial awards outside the city award, corporate brand endorsement Award Award Award for Hong Kong owners, plus four have appeared on Advertisement Huge income, the number of money a few really succeed numb, but when the state according to relevant provisions of the extract a certain percentage of the amount, but some are so reluctant, not satisfied, “Who Moved My Cheese” as grievances. In fact, in building a socialist market economy, goes without saying that nothing goes without saying Investment People to recover the “cost” access point, even a modest profit, into the reproduction of capital, it is only normal, right?

Be grateful is the sentence the words of doctrine, but in fact can sometimes learn to move, been difficult.

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