BarberMuseum Backstage CNC machine

BarberMuseum Backstage CNC machine

A few nice cnc machining China company images I found:

BarberMuseum Backstage CNC machine

Image by curtis palmer
These HAAS CNC machines are used to create replacement parts for the motorcycles under restoration. HAAS is a US-based company and uses the museum as a training facility for automotive suppliers in the southeast. They’ve donated about 5 machines to the museum (a non-profit) and cycle new ones in every 6 months or so.

I was Tagged… Round Two!

Image by Јerry
I’ve been Tagged – Round 2

I’ve been tagged by KT of Lake Orion (I’ll get her back!). Being tagged means I have to write 16 random things about myself and then "tag" friends that I would like to learn more about. Here goes:

1. I truly love photography
2. I wish I was better at it!
3. I have 2 grandkids..haha.. y’all know that!
4. I have one son that is my pride and joy.
5. Fishing is a hobby that I wish I had more time for.
6. Golf is a bug I have caught… for those that haven’t played,
the game would seem easy!
7. I am married to the same sweet lady that I started out with…
8. I can be grumpy.
9. I used to get by with my charm…
10. People usually like me when they meet me.
11. I drive a 2003 Jeep Cherokee (and love it!)
12. I have been in my present job longer than anyone else at the
company I work at.
13. I feel lots younger than my years.
14. My body feels older than my years after an evening with the
15. My artistic side shows it’s face at!
16. I have friends that think of me fondly.. as I do them.

16-A. My friend Joy pointed out that I didn’t mention my camera..we both use the same one a Fuji FinePix S700..I love it!…:o)

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