Q&A: Is my Dell Precision 690 Dead? Cannot access BIOS/OS/or CD/DVD BOOT!?

Q&A: Is my Dell Precision 690 Dead? Cannot access BIOS/OS/or CD/DVD BOOT!?

Query by imac: Is my Dell Precision 690 Dead? Can’t access BIOS/OS/or CD/DVD BOOT!?
Hi, I have a Dell Precision 690 desktop.

I was undertaking a fresh set up of the windows 7 when after the installation and first boot, the it would hang on the black screen. After few occasions of re-installing, very same thing. So I decided to go into the BIOS and RESET bios to default factory settings. Now under is the existing concern that I cannot solve so please support me.

When I hit energy button and see the F2 and F12f, if I hit F2 to enter the BIOS, it says ‘entering bios’ up prime for a split second and then heads to the regular boot where I am stuck with a message that reads ” Controller Bus#00, Device#1F, Function#02: 01 Ports, 01 Devices and just sits there.

If I hit F12 to attempt and go into the boot menu, nicely nothing at all occurs. Back to the previous figure with that very same message. I have never noticed such factor! What has occurred? Why can not I go into the BIOS or the boot menu?! I never even know how else I can even method to fix whatever this difficulty is. Please support! I will forever be grateful.

I posted this query few days back and all answers pointed to resetting CMOS/BIOS which I did by removing the chip and putting it on the other pins for 20 seconds and also attempted removing battery for 30 mins and i dont believe it reset anything. I still can not boot from CD/DVD or access BIOS and so Im stuck with a dead personal computer! PLEASE Help! THANK YOU!

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Answer by Sam
This is a common issue with AHCI, when you change it to this mode the OS will not load, you need to have to alter it to IDE mode.
Now, your difficulty is you can’t get to the BIOS to alter the settings.

here’s how to fix it.

1- Turn off the laptop and unplug from power
2- Disconnect all elements except the CPU from Motherboard
three- Turn on the computer then shutdown
four- Add the RAM then turn on once again
five- Now Try entering the BIOS
6- When you got to the BIOS set the settings to IDE mode. (Assuming you have installed the windows 7 in IDE mode)
7- Shutdown the Pc then connect the Difficult drive.
Remember If you installed the operating system although the BIOS is set to IDE mode you need to avoid altering it to AHCI and vise versa.

Hope it helps.

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