Canon Irc New Push Four Color Digital Composite Machine China

Canon Irc New Push Four Color Digital Composite Machine China

On the market today are excellent enterprises through various means, while continuously improving operational efficiency and continuously reduce operating costs, this highly competitive market in which opportunities to win. Canon Digital Series Compound Machine China To meet these market trends and user needs emerge, hope Canon Digital Copiers comprehensive and efficient application that will lead to cost-effective business color business era.

Color output of the new flagship business?? IR C5185i

Large centralized office environment, business application of color made very high demands?? Meet many concurrent tasks of high-speed, high load output capacity to adapt to the high reliability and quality requirements should exquisite graphics. Canon Color Copiers Canon iRC5185i the new flagship for this demand is born king Almighty. Canon iRC5185i

image processing system equipped with multi-function, built-in Canon brand-new third-generation color iR controller, can provide users with real-time file copies, Print , Scan, fax transmission and a number of services. Faster 633/400MHz dual-processor with 1.5GB of memory, plus Canon’s unique dual-band snapshot feature (Twin-BeltFusing Technology), to iRC5185i have 51 per minute color and black and white paper speed output capability, and significantly reduced body warm-up time, print jobs from the processing, transmission to the final manuscript was finishing, binding, and all work at one go. With high Network Connectivity, user-friendly functional structure, it can easily cope with not only the intensive group office printing tasks, but can be completed in the office a lot in the past the need for external Printing services Output can be achieved, such as product samples, training materials, promotional color pages can get high-speed output at the iRC5185i, let it be truly enterprise-stop service center color documents. Not only the astonishing output, equipped with high-speed ADF automatic document feeder of iRC5185i also can rapidly a large number of electronic documents, issued its first double-sided scanning unit into 1 minute to enter the 100-page manuscript, to meet the needs of the user input of massive document.

As an office for the Group’s flagship product users, iRC5185i must deal with heavy printing load, a variety of print tasks and a variety of changing needs, which is the location of its features. Its load of 33 000 on printing, Canon mature engine design it has a stable and reliable basis. iRC5185i has a clear modular design and optimization of paper path, large-size touch-screen human interface, to ensure high speed, high load operation reliability, if fails, ordinary users can touch the screen icon speedy resolution under the guidance of problem. To meet the diversified needs of customers, iRC5185i large capacity can be increased Box , Sorter, stapler, etc. accessories, complete with built-in duplex module booklet binding output, demand, improve the efficiency of the modern office.

Addition to speed and reliability requirements of office users want beautiful color graphics output through better communication to achieve results. The output quality, Canon’s senior Smoothing new (AST) to eliminate jagged edges, greatly enhance the text and image printing printing, print quality even comparable with the traditional printing. Automatic color adjustment feature allows each employee can be carried out on the LCD touch screen color adjustment, to ensure satisfactory output color. It can realize the true 1200 × 1200dpi resolution, high-quality color printing, to print the draft text, graphics and pictures are perfectly presented.

Rich professional business output choice?? IR C3580i/C3080i/C2550i

As more and more users aware of color used in the business office of the necessity of the need to apply color digital composite machine is also fast expanding customer base, the needs have also broken down. Canon’s new iRC3580i/C3080i/C2550i series color digital composite machine is complete with a rich product line to meet different application environment of business output needs.

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