How considerably to service a sewing machine?

Question by NerdGirl90: How much to service a sewing machine?
I want to discover how to sew. I did not want to spend a lot on a machine and not know if I was really going to like it or not so a lady at my church said she had a single I could have but that I’d have to get it adjusted and it possibly requirements to be oiled and stuff. I don’t know the 1st point about a sewing machine. She stated it was a singer. Is that a very good brand? Does it price alot to preserve a sewing machine in good order? I had no thought they required servicing.

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Answer by kay
Sewing machines usually need to have a typical service every single year or two, depending on how considerably you use the machine and how well you take care of it. Some machines are fairly simple to do simple maintenance on oneself (the old black cast iron straight stitch only machines, for instance). For other folks, you’re much better off letting a trained technician deal with the machine. Charges are typically in the $ 50-one hundred range.

Singers had been great machines up till the introduction of the Stretch and Sew models in the late 1960s (those models are usually named “Throw and Sew” and other a lot more colorful names by the folks who have to adjust them). There are some indications that the far more expensive Singer models made nowadays are pretty very good, but there was a long time when they appear to have lost their way.

My tips on beginner sewing machines: and why I do not like to see individuals buy inexpensive new machines:

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