defnition of DVM,CNC?

defnition of DVM,CNC?

Question by DavidZ: defnition of DVM,CNC?

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Answer by Kevin
DVM could refer to:
Digital voltmeter
Medical professional of veterinary medicine

CNC could refer to:
Cadet Nurse Corps, an American Planet War II program to train nurses
Civil Nuclear Constabulary, a United Kingdom police force accountable for supplying security at civil nuclear installations
Cantabrian Nationalist Council, a political celebration in the Spanish province of Cantabria with a nationalist and left-wing ideology
Chariton Municipal Airport, which has the IATA code “CNC”, an airport Chariton, Iowa
China Netcom, a Chinese telecommunications provider
China Xinhua News Network Corporation, 24 hour tv news channel based in China, aimed at a foreign audience
Cantrell and Cochrane, a customer goods group primarily based in Ireland
Neighborhood Newspaper Organization, a chain of newspapers in Massachusetts
Commander in Chief, a highest Military rank of Army in different nations
Cancer (constellation), astronomical constellation abbreviation “Cnc”, as standardized by the International Astronomical Union
Centre National de la Cinématographie, a publicly owned, French establishment, with legal and monetary autonomy
Centre for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, a bioscience and biomedicine investigation institute of the University of Coimbra, in Coimbra, Portugal
Chattahoochee Nature Center, an environmental education facility in Roswell, Georgia
Colegio Nacional de la Capital, a public high college in Asuncion, Paraguay.
College of New Caledonia, a post-secondary educational institution that serves the residents of the Central Interior of British Columbia
Laptop numerical control, a laptop controller that reads instructions and drives a machine tool
Configurable Network Computing, a JD Edwards’s client-server architecture and methodology that implements its hugely-scalable software program
Stewart Haas Racing, formerly Haas CNC Racing, a NASCAR team owned by Tony Stewart and Haas Automation
Chin National Council

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