Nice Precision Fabricating photos

Nice Precision Fabricating photos

Check out these precision fabricating images:


Image by ronsaunders47
Three wheeler competition sprint racer .Details from the maker–
GSPE is a small precision engineering China company who run The Syko V8 Trike. Virtually everything on the ‘The Syko’ has been designed, machined and fabricated in house by ourselves including many of the engine and gear box parts, the slider clutch, the solid aluminium machined components China, even the Carbon Kevlar body.

engineeringGreat attention to detail has been taken in the construction of ‘The Syko’ making it one of the most individual machines to race over the quarter mile.

Other major projects that GSPE are currently involved in are; the rebuild of Roger Goring’s Jet Funny Car ‘Firestorm’ (the only centre drive jet powered funny car outside America) and Alex Macfadzean’s world motorcycle land speed record attempt, using a gas turbine engine to raise the record beyond 400 mph.