EDM 101: Electrical Discharge Machining Fundamentals

EDM 101: Electrical Discharge Machining Fundamentals

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Identifier: electricalnewsen06donm
Title: Electrical news and engineering
Year: 1891 (1890s)
Subjects: Electrical engineering
Publisher: Don Mills, Ont. [etc.] Southam-Maclean Publications
Contributing Library: Engineering – University of Toronto
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copper.The drop, due to the ohmic resist-ance of the wire, is eight per cent.,which is enhanced by the self-induction to ten per cent. On theextreme ends of the top cross-arms of every pole line are strunggalvanized iron wires, which aregrounded at each third or fourthpole. These iron wires, with each other withlightning arresters, placed at each end of the transmission lines, give a total andsafe protection from all lightning storms. So perfecthas been this protection, that a discharge in either thegenerating station or sub-station is virtually unknown. The transmission lines enter the city of Quebec inthat portion identified as St. Rochs, and the sub-station islocated in the centre of the industrial district, wherepower is required for the tanneries and shoe factories for distributing board in the next room. Provision haswhich the city is noted. The sub-station is 90 feet lengthy been produced, nevertheless, for two more circuits of the sameby 65 feet wide, and is two storeys high, built of brick, capacity.

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The Generator Switch-Board, Montmorencv^Power Residence. Efficiency, complete load, 97.eight per cent. half load, 97.9 per cent. quarter load, 97 %. The transformers are divided into two sets of eighttransformers every single, with a relay of two transformerswhich can be reduce in or out with out stopping the service.Three secondary distributing circuits are carried to the June, 1896 CANADIAN EUECTRlCAb MEWS The present from the secondaries of the two sets of stant, is inversely as the clearance. In order, then, to transformers is carried to the bus bars of the distributing acquire an electromotive-force following the sine law, the switchboard, from which it is furnished to the quite a few pole faces of the inductors of these generators, as effectively city circuits for light and energy. as the pole faces of the inductors of all gen- The generators are the S. K. C. inductor sort of two- erators, manufactured by the Stanley Electric Manufac- phase machines, operating at 286 revolutions per minute. turing Organization, are

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EDM 101: Electrical Discharge Machining Fundamentals
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