Goodbye, turtle shell

Goodbye, turtle shell

Check out these cnc precision parts photos:

Goodbye, turtle shell
cnc precision parts
Image by paperbits
I began building the blue shell in late 2011, on a Makerbot cupcake CNC printer. Sadly, the DIY printer’s speed and precision weren’t up to the task: it took three or four attempts to total 1 piece of the shell.

The failures would occur about five hours into a construct. You can picture how satisfied that made me.

This summer, I donated the Cupcake to a friend’s school, and bought a Replicator. The turtle shell suddenly became a viable project once again.

(Lucky for me I’d bought the RC car the style is based around back in 2011: it is not accessible anymore, creating the turtle shell a a lot harder develop to try now.)

The plastic components took about 45 hours to create, not counting failures. The electronics and mechanical bits took about four-5 hours to get precisely correct. (That consists of fitting the cables and adding some niceties like a power switch.)

I’m proud of how the final product came out, even though it highlights just how early days the complete &quotcomplex 3D printed open supply hardware kit&quot enterprise actually is.

Angel Bracket
cnc precision parts
Image by cnkangrui
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Surface treatment:
Types of plating (Zinc, Nickel, Chrome, Tin, Ag) Painting, Powder, Anodizing, E-coating, Silkscreen, Heat treatment, Black oxides
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