Help? HSED graduation /CNC machine operator. Please help. Wisconsin?

Help? HSED graduation /CNC machine operator. Please help. Wisconsin?

Question by eric: Help? HSED graduation /CNC machine operator. Please help. Wisconsin?
I have two questions not sure if i separate them as this is my first yahoo question posted.

1. I am in the process of obtaining my HSED. is there any way i could do that online in Wisconsin?

2. After i get my HSED i plan on furthering my education to a better paying job, my whole family has been working all their lives for minimum wage jobs, except my sister she works for almost 12/hr. i seen them as i grew up, i see them now, the struggle they go through raising kids in poverty. i really don’t want to be like that(not passing judgement).
So i heard about CNC machine operators. I have no idea what they do what qualifications they need or if i need schooling.

What i heard is that they make $ 18-$ 28/hr. Are in High demand. And require computer and math skills? (what kind? i never graduated or paid attention in High school.Hence the HSED) -__-

Any help would be greatly appreciated and Thank you in advance!

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Answer by cactusgene
CNC machines are more formally known as computer numeric control machines because they are operated by computers that must be programmed before operation. You can become a CNC machine operator who is trained to operate such machinery, which is used to cut various types of metals, plastics, and even wood. You will probably need to complete a high school education or equivalent qualification if you intend to work as a CNC machine operator, though this is not always a requirement. You will, however, need to possess basic to moderate math skills, basic communications skills, and a familiarity with computers.

Most of the skills you will need in order to become a CNC machine operator can be learned on the job, so you can take part in an apprenticeship program in order to enter the field. An apprenticeship will generally last anywhere from one to five years, and during this time, you will work under the guidance and supervision of a more experienced CNC operator. You will be required to pass certification exams in some cases, and other requirements may exist depending on the company for which you work or the region of the world in which you live. After the apprenticeship is complete and you pass any relevant certification exams, you can become a CNC machine operator who works independently.

Yes you can complete your HSED or GED certificate online in Wisconsin. It won’t be easy and you need real discipline to stick to the task, but the payoff is that you can get out of the rut in working at minimum wage jobs. Good luck and here you can get more information on that program in your state:

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