Q&A: Far better Graphics Card for Dell Precision 380?

Question by jimysnicky185: Better Graphics Card for Dell Precision 380?
Hi all!

I am at a loss as to receiving a new graphics card for a Dell Precision 380.

I have a 375W power provide and was wondering, out of the list of cards provided, see which ones are supported.

I will list two hyperlinks, one for personal computer specs and the other a list from Novatech.co.uk:



I plan to at least run older games earlier than 2005 and do some light video editing work.

Ideal answer:

Answer by ll0stryker0ll
We require to know what you plan on realy undertaking with the new card, mulit monitor setup for workplace/email/webpage etc.
What games are you going to try to play? if any.

if you just want to play like farmvile and ten year old games, a single of those “ought to” be okay.
And it should be fine on that psu.

Also read the information on supported cards for your Computer:

Assistance for ISV-certified PCI Express graphics cards up to 150 watts and with up to 512MB graphics memory which includes: nVIDIA® Quadro® FX
4500 nVIDIA Quadro FX 3450 Quadro FX 1400 ATI™ FireGL™ V3100 nVIDIA Quadro NVS 285 All graphics cards support dual monitor

Appear at this hyperlink

i wil edit with much more information in a handful of.
I feel the ATI Radeon HD 5450 512MB GDDR3 PCIe is your greatest bet.
1Under 150 watts power, 512 memory, and 3 outputs for mulit monitor.

when you get your card, very first point you need to do, IF YOU HAVE a current card in the pcie slot, if you just connected to motherboard, skip to putting in your new card.

Go to this hyperlink,
and get the present drivers for your new card 1st, download them to your desktop, this is for a step later on.

Then uninstall your currant video drivers (google this when you get it) you will want to restart. and the graphics will appear poor this is normal.

Then turn your personal computer off. unplug it. take the monitor plug out, if it is connected to a current pcie card. take the side off, Critical from right here on, when functioning inside the pc, perform at a desk, off your carpet, and keep touching the meal frame, or about the PSU, to ground oneself at all occasions.

Bottom decrease left side of the pci and pcie slots, if the current card is in the best slot, with need to be the pcie slot, take it out, put your new card in, make certain it is seated down excellent.
Plug back in, make confident almost everything is clear, and turn on, make sure you get a POST and the monitor comes on. IF all okay, turn off, place the side back on and then turn on, when back to windows run the drivers file you place before on your desktop, right after its down it will restart, and your done!

excellent luck!

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